Vintage Silver Addorsed Peacock Amulet


Beautiful old amulet from Rajasthan. The addorsed peacocks, a sign of prosperity in India, feature along with beautiful little 'gungaroo' beads. This one still has the red sindoor paste from a previous puja. Puja is a daily devotion done by all Hindus in the morning to give thanks.

The age of these old pieces is always hard to estimate - if it has come from a shepherd or field worker they can look look much more worn. Generally speaking they can be upwards of 50 years old. 

This one is in box form, so originally it would of been filled with something special to that particular person. Possibly incense ash from a special puja, bark for a sacred tree, maybe even a hair from a guru. These items are then blessed by a priest before being sealed in the box.

We think it's the history and mystery behind these beautiful old pieces that make them truly special, so please treasure and respect them, remember, you are the guardian of another's memories.

Vintage Silver / 14.3 grams / 47 x 30 mm

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