Turquoise Raw Pendant


This gorgeous chunk of natural Turquoise rock has been given a little polish, a talented silver wrap and hey presto, perfection!  When you have such a beautiful gem, you really don't need to get fancy with the setting - we love the modern simplicity of this piece!

The popularity of Turquoise in the 70's - think brown cord flares, long bangs and patterned blouses - means this stone always gives us those super cool, laid back vibes... perfect for your next festival outfit!

The history of Turquoise dates back thousands of years. The name we use today came from the French word for 'Turkish' because the mineral was first brought to Europe from the mines in Persia, modern day Turkey and Iran. There are many other notable areas producing their own, unique styles of Turquoise. Tibetan, with its wonderful deep, rugged green and blue tones also typically features black veins. The Mexican and North American mines produce a pure, sky blue material. 

Turquoise has been associated with personal protection as far back as ancient times when warriors wore them when returning to battles. This stone is known to clear the mind of any negative thoughts, while also being a good luck charm for health and happiness.

Sterling Silver / 16.4 grams / 44 x 24 mm

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