Silver Buddhist Bell Pendant


A beautiful symbolic silver pendant, jewellery with a hidden meaning! Carry a little peace with you all day long.

The bell in Buddhism is rich in symbolic meaning and power. It represents the Great Mother, from whom all reality is understood. The ringing of the bell at the beginning of meditation helps to clear and focus the mind. It is usually seen used in conjunction with the 'Dorje' or thunderbolt, which destroys ignorance, paving the way to understanding and wisdom.

Buddhism is not a religion but a philosophy. The Buddha simply showed us a way to free ourselves from pain and suffering. We shouldn't treat the Buddha as a deity but rather a teacher and meditation is a vital tool to achieve this blissful state. These tools can be used with any religion or for atheists and agnostics to ease the worries and anxieties in our daily lives. 

Sterling Silver / 13.2 grams / 4.5 x 2 cm

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