The 7 Chakras Pendant

The vital energy centres of the body are represented in the crystals in this stunning silver pendant.

Root - Muladhara, Earth centered for self-preservation and identification. Garnet

Sacral - Svadisthana, the seat of self, controls relationships, sexuality, the 'I' as a separate entity.  Carnelian

Solar Plexus - Manipura, Where our energy arises from. Action, self-esteem, self-honouring. Citrine

Heart - Anahata, The sacred spark of the Divine. To love, forgive and nurture. Peridot

Throat - Vishudha, Active intelligence, speak the truth. Topaz

Third Eye - Ajna, Knowledge and intuition, to see and understand reality. Iolite

Crown - Sahasrara, The life force, connection to the universe. Amethyst

68mm x 12mm

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