Black Rutile Quartz Teardrop Pendant

This pendant, with its intriguing natural patterns and on-trend monochrome palette, is bound to become your go-to for wearing with any outfit; though it definitely looks amazing on a bright colour like this aqua shirt!

Rutilated or Rutile Quartz is Quartz which naturally features fine, hair-like threads of the mineral rutile running through the quartz, creating an incredible depth and fascination. You can get Rutilated Quartz in several colours, this one has the powerful black, or schorl variety, believed to be the best gem for boosting the immune system.

Set in a simple, high quality Sterling Silver setting which accentuates the fine detail of the stone, this is a one-of-a-kind pendant.

Sterling Silver / 22.6 grams / 58 x 28 mm

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