Pyrite Bead Necklace with Tassel Trim

It's the little details which set high quality jewellery apart from cheap, high street alternatives, and this necklace is the perfect example.

Made from tiny, glittery beads of hand-cut Pyrite, it features an intricately carved larger central bead, and is finished off with a gorgeous small gold tassel on the clasp - the perfect little touch!

It can be worn as a bracelet too, so essentially it's two pieces of jewellery for the price of one.

Iron Pyrite is more famously known as Fool's Gold, as (in its raw state) it glitters with the same dull yellowy tone as unpolished gold nuggets!  A from of iron, it symbolises earthy, grounded strength and is believed to bring confidence and the persistence to carry things through to completion.

Sterling Silver / 26.5 grams / 72 cm long /  Bead 14 x 14 mm

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