Ocean Blue Nautilus Shell and Blue Topaz Pendant


A shell and gemstone pendant, handmade in the highest grade sterling silver. This multi-stone design is a true one-off piece and is sure to become an all time favourite in your jewellery box!

Truly unique Nautilus shells with their characteristic Mother of Pearl coating are one of the ocean's stunning gifts. The iridescent blue shimmer teams perfectly with the sky blue of the Topaz accent stones. These tones would be a perfect highlight to a black background outfit, giving the whole look a touch of glamour. Alternately, it would look totally dreamy with light beachy colours for a more natural boho style.

All natural gemstones are believed to have positive and uplifting qualities and so too these ancient, unique fossilized shells from deep in the ocean. With their spiraling snail like design they are a symbol of growth and renewal. Add the clarity and focus of Blue Topaz and you have a match made in heaven!

Sterling Silver / 6 cm x 4.5 cm

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