Moroccan Tuareg Pendant with Venetian Glass Beads Necklace


Always wanted to go to Morocco?  We can't literally take you there, but the next best thing is owning an epic, original piece of Moroccan tribal jewellery like this Tuareg pendant.

Set on a gorgeous chain of blue and yellow Venetian glass beads (find out why below) this piece was hand-threaded by a member of our team from materials sourced by Sal on her travels, and is an absolute one-off!

The Tuareg people are a Berber tribe who mainly live in the Sahara desert across several North African countries, and are sometimes known as the "blue people" for the indigo-dye colored clothes they traditionally wear.  This is the reason that we've selected the colours to use in this necklace - yellow for the desert sands, blue for the blue dye which colours the Tuareg people's skin.

Sterling Silver / 66 grams / Max 72 cm long / Pendant 70 x 54 mm

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