Amethyst Square Claw Pendant

Modern, cabochon hunk of deep mysterious purple Amethyst. This lovely rich coloured specimen comes from Africa, which is renowned for producing the best rich purples. Cut 'en cabochon' to reveal the depth of colour we have added chunky, modern, oversized claws for an edgy look.  

A beautiful purple form of Quartz, Amethyst has been used in jewellery for centuries. I has an interesting history, the ancient Greeks believed it could prevent intoxication and Medieval Europeans used it in battle to keep them calm and focused. It was believed to have strong protective qualities.

Amethyst crystals are said to build ones strength to analyse emotions, meaning that this stone will help you in making important decisions and reading difficult situations. It is also said that Amethyst's can improve your listening skills, giving you the power to pass on your good decision making skills to others.

Sterling Silver / 3.9 grams / 29 x 18 mm

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