Labradorite Large Contemporary Pendant

There's no point gilding lily, or so the saying goes...and in the case of this pendant, we realised as soon as we saw this gemstone that it would be impossible to improve on the perfection of such a large, deeply-coloured Labradorite.

So it has simply been cut in a large oval shape to follow the natural lines of the gemstone, and surrounded with nothing but a thick Sterling Silver bezel frame to hold the gorgeous Labradorite in place.

Labradorite is not known for bringing you back down to earth, but instead is the crystal to wear or carry if you wish to support and enhance your mystical, other-worldly connections.  Originally mined only in Labrador, in Canada's frozen north-east, Labradorite was believed by the Innuit people to be the Northern Lights, fallen to earth and trapped in mineral form.

Sterling Silver / 15.5g / 56mm x 25mm

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