Natural Raw Labradorite Inverted Tear Drop Pendant

Wow, this piece looks like it has a trapped rainbow inside it!  Labradorite really is a stone that needs to move to be fully appreciated, allowing it's sometimes hidden beauty to escape. There is absolutely no way to upstage this beauty, so a perfectly handcrafted simple silver setting is the only way to go.

The term 'Labradorescence' is used to describe any gem that displays this unique 'shiller' effect, you certainly won't find a better mineral as an example. The effect is caused by interference of light from the lattice distortions in the mineral, hence the fractured look of Labradorite, without this there would be no 'Labrodorescence'

Labradorite is the stone of transformation, bringing perseverance in hard times,  strengthening intuition and helping to remove bad habits. This stone works with your chakras in order to cleanse your aura and help you reach your full potential.

Sterling Silver / 18.5 grams / 54 x 24 mm

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