Afghani Lapis Lazuli and Pyrite Full 108 Bead Mala

Top quality Lapis Lazuli - the stone of the gods - is used to open the Third Eye, perfect for chanting mantra. Pyrite is included to keep you grounded - combine with the Gayatri Mantra to enlighten the mind.

A mala is a string of 108 beads with a larger starting/finishing bead known as the ‘Guru’ or ‘Sumera’ bead (not used for counting). These beads are used for keeping count while chanting mantra. The number 108 symbolises the entire Universe and represents the 27 constellations times the 4 parts, the 12 signs of the Zodiac by the 9 planets and the number of scriptures in the Vedas, a Hindu Holy text.

The mala is held in the right hand, moving it along with the thumb over the middle finger. The mantra is recited for each bead. Also sometimes called a Japa Japa Mala to indicate the many repetitions of the mantra being chanted.

Please note, our malas are threaded, in the traditional way, loosely on cotton thread, so please take care and handle gently.

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