Designer Labradorite Earrings

A lovely, pared-back design lets these glorious Labradorite gems steal the show!  Labradorite is such a versatile stone throwing so many colours - perfect to add a bit of glamour to any outfit.

One of our most sought-after gems, Labradorite comes in a blue/grey tone or a green/gold one (also extremely rare purple/pink). It looks as if the colour radiates from the centre of the stone due to the light interference off distortions within the stone. This phenomena, called 'schiller' has even been given the term 'Labradorescence' due to it being such a good example of this effect.

The lattice distortions of this stone are a natural part of the stone and give each piece a totally unique look. These distortions are not flaws, without them the stone wouldn’t show the amazing play of colour it is so appreciated for.

Sterling Silver / 2.3 grams each / 3.5 x 1.5 cm

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