Elegant Ruby Ring

Simple, elegant, perfect for those days when 'less is more' but would also look a treat added to an eclectic range of stackables! (enter 'stacker' in our search bar to shop our colection and stay tuned for a huge new range of stackables we'll be adding soon!)

Did you know, all natural Rubies have inclusions in them, colour impurities and rutile inclusions known as ‘silk’. These inclusions give genuine rubies the wonderful shimmer they are loved for and distinguish them from synthetics and fakes.

Almost all rubies today are treated in some form, heating and dying being the main types of treatment. Untreated rubies of excellent quality are incredibly expensive. To keep your rubies in tip-top condition, make sure they stay well away from excessive heat, light and chemicals.

The Mogok Valley in Burma has historically been the most notable area for producing the worlds finest Rubies and tradition has it they inspire great love and abundance.

Rubies are the Birthstone for July.

Sterling Silver / 2.7 grams / 1.2 x 1 cm / Size 8

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