Amber In The Raw Pendant

The rich golden tones of this totally natural piece of Amber merely needs a very simple backdrop. Solid sterling silver claws have been used to secure it to a noninvasive backplate. It's a must to let the natural colours of this rare and beautiful mineral shine. 

Amber is a fossilised tree sap which is millions of years old, in fact the oldest known amber was discovered to be 320 million years. It has been used in jewellery and other artefacts for hundreds of years. There is even a whole room in the Katherine Palace in Russia made of Amber. ( It was ransacked during the Second World War by the Germans but has since been completely restored! )

The Chinese believe the souls of tigers change into Amber when they die and the gem has been used extensively in Chinese medicine. It is also used as a great healing energiser and for personal growth and rejuvenation.

Sterling Silver / 8.1 grams / 45 x 28 mm

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