Golden Rutile and Citrine Pendant

In this stunning statement pendant, two glorious Golden Rutile cabochons sit either side of a rich, glowing faceted Citrine oval. Hinges allow for movement and a soft, tactile feel. Each gem has been skilfully set in a collet of twisted silver and given an oxidised finish to create more drama. Looks dreamy worn on a torque but equally as good on a long snake chain - this is an extremely versatile piece worth treasuring!

Golden Rutilated Quartz has to be one of the most beautiful and fascinating gems. It occurs when, fine, needle-like inclusions of Rutile (a mineral of Titanium Dioxide) grow within Natural Quartz. It occurs in several different colours from silver through to black. It has been used for centuries by Shamans to aid with clarity and enhance psychic powers.  

A transparent, yellow toned form of Quartz, Citrine is one of the most valuable forms of Quartz. The colour is mainly caused by the intricate crystal structure, rather than inclusions of other minerals, however it may contain small traces of aluminum.

The stone of abundance, warming and energising, citrine encourages wealth and prosperity.

Sterling Silver / 36 grams / 9 x 2.8 cm

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