Labradorite Lalita Ring


A bold, dynamic blue-toned Labradorite is the uncontested star of the show in this incredible contemporary silver ring. The edgy, square-cut band adds a little extra WOW factor, and the high-shine premium sterling silver setting is minimalist chic at it's finest, but really?  It's all about that Labradorite!

If you're late to the party on this stone, here's the lowdown. 

Labradorite was named after Labradore, Newfoundland, northeast Canada, where geologists first identified the gem in the 1770's.  Legend has it that the Northern Lights were once stuck inside rocks on the Canadian coast until a brave warrior freed most of them by hitting the rocks with a spear.  Some of the trapped Northern Lights remain, within the glorious Labradorite stones which are still found in the region.

Sterling Silver / 16 grams / 3.2 x 2.4 cm / Size 8

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