Garnet Artisan Bead Necklace

Thought Garnets only came in deepest scarlet, right?  Wrong!

There are in fact two types of Garnet, as showcased in this gorgeous, funky Garnet and Silver bead necklace - the red stone is Pyrope and the orange is Hessonite.

With different colours, shapes and sizes of beautiful, empowering Garnet and striking silver bead accents, this necklace is a statement piece which will brighten up any monochrome outfit in a heartbeat.

We also have a gorgeous matching pair of earrings available in our collection, so if you're looking to treat yourself - or splash out on a special gift, perhaps for a January woman whose birthstone Garnet is - then consider the set!

Sterling Silver / 25 grams / 46-49 cm 

This product is currently out of stock