Vintage Hanuman Rajasthani Rope Necklace

We only stock a few select pieces of vintage silver jewellery online, and this one is INCREDIBLE.  Our glorious vintage rope necklaces are a classic Rajasthani must-have.

The main amulet features Hanuman, the Hindu Monkey God who jumped from India to Sri Lanka (outsmarting many opponents!) to save The Goddess Sita and bring her safely back to her homeland. As such he is worshiped as a protector and highly revered. 

This piece sourced on my travels in Northern India's beautiful Rajasthan state, where this style of rope necklace originates and is still worn today by tribal women.  They are rare, which is why it is priced above our usual range, but they are a piece of history to caretake for the next generation.

Vintage Silver / 69 grams / 16-34 inch long

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