Vintage Sri Vishnu Lotus Feet Amulet

This finely-made vintage amulet features a significant Hindu symbol known as Sri (or Lord) Vishnu's Lotus Feet, shown in exquisite detail on a solid silver plate. 

The Sri Vishnu Lotus Feet symbol, which is not well-known outside of Hindu religion, is also rendered with additional tiny symbols on the soles of the feet, which are considered auspicious. 

These beautiful one-off vintage pieces never stick around for long.  Not only are they strikingly original and a treasure you won't see anyone else wearing, they also conjure up the symbols and legends of cultures lost to time. 

To own and wear one feels significant - they're the kind of jewellery you'll pass on to a loved relative when you no longer wear it.  You won't find this piece in a chain store!

Vintage Silver / 8.6 grams / 4.3 x 3 cm

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