Smoky Quartz Twisted Silver Earrings

Big, bold and luscious, these stunning smoky Quartz earrings turn heads wherever they go. Generous, faceted oval-cut smoky Quartz Stones incased in lush high-quality sterling silver are the perfect way to add some drama to your outfit and these earrings are truly stunning. Each pair is expertly handcrafted in Northern India by skilled artisans, using centuries old silver embellishment techniques like the hand-laid braid decoration that makes up the gorgeous setting that perfectly frames each stone. 

Characterised by its transparent brown hues, smoky Quartz varies significantly in depth and tone, from the slightest hint of colour to deep, rich brown, and from warm caramel tones to ash grey. It has a long history as a tool of magic and has particular significance for druids and Celts who used is extensively as a decorative and potent stone. Strongly associated with nature, smoky Quartz is a powerful grounding stone, said to help to intensify emotional connections to nature and the physical world. It is also a powerful healing and cleansing stone, able to absorb and transform negative energy and to protect against depression. 

Sterling Silver / 5.7 grams each / 4 x 2 cm

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