Citrine Modernista Earrings

These modernistic silver and golden citrine earrings are as unique as they are beautiful. Each pair features glimmering faceted natural citrine stones in square and emerald cuts, embedded in a simple but organic silver setting by skilled artisans. The effect is a perfect contemporary drop earring that truly goes with every outfit and occasion. 

Named in the 14th century from the French word ‘citron’, meaning lemon, citrine is a transparent yellow variety of Quartz that naturally ranges in color from pale to golden yellow, honey or almost brown, and sometimes contains rainbow or refractive inclusions. Citrine has been adored since ancient times as it was believed that citrine gemstones could calm tempers, soothe anger and manifest desires, especially prosperity. The ancient Egyptians used citrine gemstones as talismans, the ancient Greeks carved divine images into them, and Roman priests fashioned them into rings. Citrine is still prized as a stone of manifestation, imagination, and willpower. Sometimes referred to as The Merchant's Stone, citrine is considered the stone of abundance and prosperity, assisting in acquiring wealth as well as promoting generosity. It has also been associated with the sun due to its glowing golden hue, giving it a warm, comforting, life-giving energy, the perfect stone for encouraging fresh beginnings and new pursuits.

Sterling Silver / 2.1 grams each / 5.5 x 1.2 cm

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