Rose Quartz Freya Pendant

Our edgy, unique 'Freya' Rose Quartz and silver pendant is named for the Norse goddess associated with love, sex, beauty, fertility, gold, war, and death - you can't get more rock 'n' roll than that!

Featuring a shimmering checkerboard-cut oval Rose Quartz set in a high-shine sterling silver frame, the pendant setting is adorned with fine silver braid and tiny silver spheres arranged in patterns.  This technique is an ancient Indian handicraft known as Rawa.

Rose Quartz is the alternative January birthstone, and the stone of love - perfect for Valentine's Day gifting.  It is thought to enhance and encourage love of all kinds, including self-love, so maybe this bold beauty is the perfect Valentine's gift to yourself!

Sterling Silver / 30 grams / 6 x 3.8 cm

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