Black Onyx Teardrop Ring

This Black Onyx ring features a polarising, eye-catching design which you're likely to either LOVE, or hate - it is so different and striking!

We, needless to say, belong to the first category and have fallen in love with the highly-polished, chunky Black Onyx teardrop stone as well as the regal, dramatic setting.  The stone is cut 'en cabochon' which means it is polished and smooth, rather than being faceted.  

The setting is a melange of bright silver swirls and symbols on an oxidised silver base, with a fine rawa border around the stone. The way the stone is set high on the band, instead of centred as in traditional designs, is another modern and stand-out element of this design.

We have never created, or stocked a ring like this before so if you, like us, are in the 'LOVE' camp, we suggest you move fast!

Sterling Silver / 15.6 grams / 3.5 x 2 cm

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