Rainbow Moonstone Elizabethan Pendant

A contemporary Indian design with a touch of old-world glamour, this decadent multi-stone Rainbow Moonstone pendant is the perfect balance of classic and modern beauty. 

One of the most popular and beloved semi-precious gemstones, Rainbow Moonstone is characterised by its remarkable play of iridescent colours, called a ‘Schiller effect’, caused by the scattering of light between the thin layers of this beautiful mineral. Moonstone is naturally opalescent, with a translucent white base and a stunning variety of colours present in the ‘sheen’ that flows and flashes across the stone when rotated, giving the stone a unique ethereal beauty. These colours vary from orange and gold, to olive green and bright peacock blue, and occasionally deep violet. Frequently these colours occur in the same stone, creating a dazzling interplay of colour, light, and complex inclusions that ensure that no two stones are exactly the same. Moonstone has been used in jewellery by the Romans since AD100, and even longer in ancient Asian cultures, owing to the abundance of this mineral in India, Sri Lanka and Myanmar. It was especially popular in the Art Nouveau period in the early 20th century and has remained popular ever since. Moonstone is typically associated with feminine energies and is thought to bring balance, harmony and hope, as well as enhancing creativity, compassion and inner confidence. It is also said to heighten intuition and psychic perception, and is used often in meditation.

This pendant is hand made by skilled artisans and features 26 faceted Rainbow Moonstone gemstones in brilliant, marquise and pear cuts set in high quality sterling silver, creating a dramatic glimmering effect that is sure to enhance any outfit for a night out.

Sterling Silver / 14 grams / 7.4 x 3.7 cm

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