Lapis Lazuli Fiera Pendant

A sleek, elegant and modern design, this sweet little lapis lazuli pendant is simple, but far from plain. The stylish asymmetrical design features an elongated pear-shaped lapis lazuli stone cut into a smooth cabochon. Hand made by skilled artisans, this pendant is made from natural gemstone and luscious high-quality sterling silver. 

Lapis lazuli is has been mined and used since antiquity, and was extensively used in jewellery, precious objects, rich pigments and mosaics by the ancient Egyptians and Sumerians. Its striking bright blue opaque colour, often flecked with metallic pyrite inclusions, has long fascinated and attracted lovers of jewellery and it remains a popular semi-precious stone. It’s name is derived from the Arabic word “lazaward”, meaning “heaven”, and its deep, celestial colour has been associated with royalty, honour and and wisdom. It is thought to stimulate the intellect, and to promote honest and deep communication.

The style of this pendant is extremely versatile: its elongated shape lends itself perfectly to being worn low on a long, sleek chain, but it’s petite size is equally suited to being worn up high on a delicate little chain. It also looks equally stunning as a single standout piece or paired with other favourites in a gorgeous, bohemian layered look.

Sterling Silver / 5 grams / 4.2 x 1.8 cm

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