Labradorite Contemporary Marquise Pendant

Sleek, strong and modern, this labradorite pendant has a contemporary design that oozes sophisticated minimalism. The simple, lustrous, high-shine sterling silver setting allows the stunning labradorite stone to take centre-stage. The stone in this piece is cut into a smooth marquise cabochon, which also enhances the natural beauty of this amazing gemstone by showing the complex inclusions and colours that make this stone so unique.

Labradorite, named after the region in Canada in which it was first described, is characterised by its remarkable play of iridescent colours, called a ‘Schiller effect’, caused by the scattering of light between the thin layers of this beautiful mineral. Labradorite’s magical colours range from orange and gold, to mermaid green and bright peacock blue, and occasionally deep violet. Frequently these colours occur in the same stone, creating a dazzling interplay of colour and light, ensuring that no two stones are exactly the same. Labradorite has been treasured by Canadian First Nations people for centuries, prized for its resemblance to the Northern Lights. It is thought by some to be a powerful protector against negativity and misfortune, and to aid in meditation.

This pendant is a beautiful, simple piece that is sure to enhance any outfit and style. 

Sterling Silver / 4.4 grams / 4.6 x 1.1 cm

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