Carnelian Fiera Pendant


A sleek, elegant and modern design, this sweet little carnelian pendant is simple, but far from plain. The stylish asymmetrical design features an elongated pear-shaped carnelian stone cut into a smooth cabochon. Hand made by skilled artisans, this pendant is made from natural gemstone and luscious high-quality sterling silver. 

A member of the onyx family, carnelian is characterised by its rich, reddish-orange autumnal tones and creamy, semi-transparent appearance. It has been utilised as a material for important jewellery pieces for centuries, owing to its striking colour. It was thought to still and the blood and calm the temper, but was also worn frequently as a talisman in battle to give the wearer courage, and was thought to help timid speakers to be more eloquent. 

The style of this pendant is extremely versatile: its elongated shape lends itself perfectly to being worn low on a long, sleek chain, but its petite size is equally suited to being worn up high on a delicate little chain. It also looks equally stunning as a single standout piece or paired with other favourites in a gorgeous, bohemian layered look.

This design is available in 6 equally delicious gemstones: black onyx, lapis lazuli, prehnite, carnelian, rose quartz and rainbow moonstone

Sterling Silver / 5 grams / 4.2 x 1.8 cm

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