Big Boho Vintage Necklace


Vintage jewellery does not get any better than this stunning, colourful boho necklace.  Seriously!  The colours, the gorgeous asymmetry, the stunning evocative tassel and the detailed rawa design of the central disc all make us swoon... not to mention the glorious range of silver handmade beads which cap it all off at the bottom of the pendant.

Our vintage jewellery is sourced mainly from Northern India, where Inspired Tribe owner Sally Clarke travels many times each year to find the most incredible treasures for the Inspired Tribe Vintage Collection.  Each piece is a little chunk of wearable history, with unique designs and techniques which are becoming increasingly rare and under-used as mass production of jewellery (and everything else!) takes over.

We invite you to fall in love with vintage jewellery the way we did many years ago, and take home a piece which will spark joy inside you every time you take it out of your jewellery box, for years to come.

Vintage Silver / Traditional Cotton Thread / 76 Grams / 16-32 inch Length

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