Ruby Oxidised Filigree Ring

This gorgeous chunk of Ruby has been artfully set in a bold filigree design, deeply oxidised to give it a beautiful time worn look.  This is no wallflower - it's a big, bold, beautiful piece, screaming 'look at me'!

Being a stone filled with love and considered one of the most powerful gems in the universe, Rubies encourage a passion for life, improving motivation, bestowing prosperity and abundance.

Almost all rubies today are treated in some form, heating and dying being the main types of treatment. Untreated rubies of excellent quality are incredibly expensive. Due to these treatments Rubies require a little bit of extra care, always protect them from excessive light, heat and chemicals. If they do start to look a little dull, try rubbing oil (baby oil is great) onto the surface of the stone, this will reinvigorate the colour again.

Sterling Silver / 7.5 grams / 2.8 x 1.5 cm / Size 7

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