Tibetan Turquoise Statement Ring

We are absolutely in love with this chunk of Turquoise - it's so big, bold and full of character!

It's a bit more unusual to see Turquoise cut into angular shapes like this oblong, but we think this one looks divine.  The setting has been paired back so as not to distract from the main attraction to ensure the stone itself is going to get all the attention it  deserves. 

The bold, black veins in this stone are a characteristic of Tibetan Turquoise, where they have loved this stone for centuries.  Mined on their vast plateaus but also traded from as far away as Persia via the Silk Trade Route, Turquoise is thought to hold magical qualities, protecting the traveler and instilling strength and courage.

Sterling Silver / 19.6 grams / 3.2 x 1.8 cm / Size 9

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