Turquoise and Silver Statement Earrings

These are ones for every tribal lover out there: gorgeous Turquoise multi-stone earrings which will take your boho vibe to the next level.

Turquoise is a stone steeped in history. Tibetans revere this stone for it's protective powers and have been trading the gem for centuries. Their own dark-veined Turquoise has been used since the beginning of their jewellery making, but they also highly valued Turquoise brought on the trade routes from as far away as Persia.

For this reason you can see many different types of turquoise throughout Himalayan jewellery - these earrings are a mixture of Persian and Chinese Turquoise which give these glorious mid-blue tones.

Sterling Silver / 10.6 grams each /  7 x 2.5 cm

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