Green Amethyst Mehindi Pendant

This gorgeous Green Amethyst pendant is embellished with traditional Henna designed silver work and hand made by skilled artisans. The delicate silver work perfectly compliments the soft-hued natural beauty of green amethyst.

Henna or 'Mehindi' as it is known in India, is the fine art of applying intricate designs on the skin using a mixture of henna, oil, sugar and lime juice. An ancient tradition used to adorn the body for special occasions, especially weddings. To see an Indian bride swathed in a stunning red sari, with hands arms and feet covered in these beautiful designs, is quite a sight!

Sometimes called Prasiolite, green amethyst is prized for its gentle, sage green hue. This unique colour is achieved by introducing iron oxides to natural amethyst, usually through heating the stones, resulting in dreamy, delicate green watercolour tones. Green is the colour of the heart or 'Anahata' Chakra, and green amethyst is thought to generates powerful love energy, instilling peace and healing emotional wounds. 

The pendant features a rose cut green amethyst gemstone (named for its perceived resemblance to a rose bud) which has been a popular cut since the 16th century and adds a vintage feel to this gorgeous piece.


Sterling Silver / 4.9 Grams / 4 x 2 cm

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