Tanzanite and Topaz Polki Earrings

New to our store this year, stunning Tanzanite is a beautiful dark blue/violet stone which is mined only in Tanzania, in a small area.

This makes it incredibly rare, and highly priced, but it also means to own a piece of Tanzanite jewellery is a special privilege!

This stunning pair of matched Tanzanite stones are faceted and polished, though left in a more natural state than you may see in some jewellery.  They're combined with paler blue Topaz stones which have also been hand-cut and faceted using the ancient 'Polki' technique of preparing stones.  This creates wonderfully organic silhouettes.

Set in a simple, modern bezel setting, these are earrings to treasure and wear forever.

Sterling Silver / 5.9 grams / 4.2 x 1.4 cm

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