Crystal meanings

boho silver jewellery

A powerful chakra cleanser & healer. Amber turns negative energy in to positive energy. Brings balance & patience.



Protective, calming and comforting Amethyst encourages selflessness & radiates divine love.



Helps you to speak your truth, be more compassionate & accepting.



A stone of courage. Aids self expression, calms nerves, dispels intolerance, helps banish fears, doubts & phobias.



Inspirational, aids communication & self expression. Helpful for hyperactive & autistic children.



An extremely soothing stone, it calms the brain & nervous system. Helping to balance energies, sooth emotional trauma, and alleviate worry.



Ammonites are extinct predatory marine creatures that lived inside coiled shells fossil. They are named after the Egyptian god Ammon, who is often depicted with ram horns behind each ear. Some ammonite fossils date back 240 million years.



Said to be a stone of self awareness & self acceptance that brings a sense of wellbeing



A positive stone of prosperity. Defuses negative situations, turning them around. Relieves fear and anxiety.


Aqua Aura

Helps to free you from limitation creating space for new ventures



Expands the mind, urges the soul towards enlightenment. Clears worry, stress & grief.


Azurite with Malachite

Is a powerful conductor of energy the combines the qualities of the two crystals.


Blue Lace Agate

A wonderful healing stone, with cooling & calming energies that help bring peace of mind.



A powerful healing stone and blood cleanser. Bloodstone heightens intuition & increases creativity.



Creative & optimistic. Opens the mind to new ideas. helps acceptance of new situations.



Restores vitality & motivation. Stimulates creativity. Cleanses other stones. Aid concentration & memory



A stone of transformation. Brings about an acceptance of others, allows you to see with love & openness.



Balances the emotions & eases heartache & tension. Brings out inner strength. Promotes harmony and vitality.


Helps clarify problems & brings out hidden talents Balances attitudes & actions. Promotes truth & love.



A stone of abundance. Raises self esteem. Warming energizing & highly creative.


Clear Quartz

The energy stone, absorbs stores & regulates energy. A master healer.


Chrysanthemum Stone

Teaches you to remain child like & fun loving. Helping to bring more love into your life.


Dendritic Agate

Known as the stone of plenitude as it brings abundance & fullness to all areas of life.


Druzy Quartz

Increase compassion & instils the ability to laugh at life, even in the most difficult circumstances.



Helps you to focus on what is really important in life. Provides direction when undertaking new beginnings.



The stone of successful love. Enhances unity & promoted friendship.



Releases negative emotions caused by depression & promotes self forgiveness


Fire Agate

Brings security, safety & support during difficult times.



Highly protective. Fluorite balances & advances the mind helping to increases concentration.



Dissolves anger, hurt and pain. Bringing calm emotions.


Green Agate

Enhances mental & emotional flexibility. Improves decision making. Useful in resolving disputes.


Green Amethyst

Gets its unusual colour from exposure to heat. Green amethyst possess protective, calming & comforting properties. It also encourages selflessness & radiates divine love.



A stone of love & compassion. Attuned to the heart energy, it revitalizes feelings & enhances sexuality.



Grounding & protective. Harmonizes mind, body & spirit.



Helps you to express your true self, freed from the expectations of those around you.



Believed to attract good luck & friendship. A symbol of purity and serenity, increases love and nurturing.



A very grounding stone that helps brings problems to light before they become too big. A stone of health. Helps assist with change.



Radiates peace and connects you to universal love. Extremely spiritual, awakens unconditional love.



Slicing through confusion, dispelling blockages, illusion, and anger, Kyanite releases frustration & stress.



Encourages patience & perseverance. Calms the mind and energizes the imagination. Protects the aura.


Lapis Lazuli

Helps overcome depression, quickly releases stress. Aids self and creative expression.



Brings serenity, clarity, & constructive thought. Radiates love and peace. Promotes tranquillity


Lemon Quartz

Energising & joyful. Excellent for meditation. Amplifies energy & thought. Dispels negativity.



Often called Garden quartz because of the appearance of the colourful inclusion formations. Said to be good for communication as well as being an excellent healing stone.



An adventurous stone, life is lived more intensely under its influence. Amplifies energies.



Brings clarity, increases will power & encourages you to shine.



Soothes & calms the active mind allowing focus & clarity. Fortifies the immune system.



A stone of new beginnings. Calms the emotions and aids intuition.


Moss Agate

A Birthing crystal and a stone of new beginnings. Supportive during a relationship breakup.



Formed when a giant meteorite struck the earth. Accelerates spiritual growth.



Strength giving, balances the yin & yang energies within the body. Reduces stress and encourages happiness.



A seductive stone, opal ia associated with love and passion.


Opal Aura Quartz

A crystal of joy. Opal Aura helps to stimulate hope & optimism.



Meaning 'straigh horn' is ancient mollusc preserved in fossil form, dating back 400 million years.



Said to be strongly connected to gentle calming feminine energies. Helping to promote truth, loyalty, trust & love.



Inspires joy and happiness. Alleviates jealousy, resentment, spite and anger, and reduces stress.



An extremely supportive & strengthening stone. Aids speaking out and exploring hidden truth.



A stone of unconditional love & healing. Excellent for meditation.


Polar Quartz

Created from stalactite icicle like rod formations that hang from the roof of caves. This stone like most Quartz formations is an energy stone that absorbs, stores, releases and regulates energy.


Rainbow Moonstone

A calming compassionate and balancing stone. Rainbow moonstone Stimulates self expression & nurtures feminine energies.


Rose Quartz

The stone of unconditional love & infinite peace. The most important stone for the heart & heart chakra.



Represents selfless love & compassion. Assists in attracting a soul mate who helps you to learn lessons for your higher good.



Keeps you anchored in the present moment, not dwelling on

past events.



Encourages passion for life & improves motivation. A stone of abundance it aids in retaining wealth.



Emotional balancer. Nurtures love. Aid’s in achieving one’s highest potential.


Rutilated Quartz

Often know as angel hair quartz. Soothes dark moods and acts as an antidepressant.

Ruby Zoisite

Promotes individuality while at the same time retaining interconnectedness with the rest of humanity.



A stone of enlightenment that promotes living from the heart.

Excellent for self healing.



One of the major love stones. Finds answers to all the great

questions of life.



Known as the wisdom stone, Sapphire calms the mind and releases unwanted thoughts, Bringing peace of mind and serenity.


Smoky Quartz

Clears emotional blockages. Relieves fear, lifts depression, bringing emotional calmness.



Stitchtite provides companionship & has a calming effect on the environment.



An extremely rare stone. Tiffany enhances intuition and enables clear communication.


Tiger’s Eye

A protective stone that encourages an optimistic outlook. Stimulates wealth.



Promotes truth & forgiveness. Excellent for meditation.



Attracts inspiration, compassion, tolerance, and prosperity.

Tourmalated Quartz

Strengthens the body’s own energy field. Releases tension.



A strengthening stone that instills inner calm. Brings peace of mind, wisdom & understanding .



It helps in living consciously in the eternal now. The stone facilitates inner and outer journeying and replaces depression and anxiety with trust and poise.



Calms and soothes the mind. Encourages self expression, aids clear thinking. Helps restore depleted energy. Green.


Ocean Jasper

Reminds us that nature is cyclical, rhythmical, and fluid & assists in coping with change.


Red Jasper

Brings problems to light before they become too big. A stone of health. Aids blood flow.


Picture Jasper

Brings stability & balance though its strong connection to the earth. It is also said to contain messages from the past within its pictures for those how can read it.


The meaning and power of the gemstones in our boho silver jewellery are sometimes described differently, however the above meanings offer the most common or traditional perspective on the energy of the stones.  The gems in our tribal silver jewellery are all genuine and ethically sourced, and are available online and in our Sydney jewellery store and Wollongong jewellery store.