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About Us - Boho Silver Jewellery

Our Story:

Working closely with traditional artisans across the globe, we aim to supply exquisite creations while respecting and promoting their origins.

Already harbouring a fascination for gems and minerals, my first trip to India in 1987 sparked an enduring love of all indigenous artifacts. I was drawn to the fascinating techniques behind the myriad of crafts. The endless styles of embroidery, the fact that a certain colour thread could indicate a female's marital status...the print of a turban a male's tribe. 

Unable to resist these exquisite items I soon became overrun with samples of glorious textiles, gems and jewellery and admitted it was time to sell some on, so I set up market stalls in my UK home town. This funded additional trips to other exotic destinations and resulted in a source of wonderful eclectic items from around the world.

Finally getting the green light to emigrate to Australia, I decided to stop by in Asia en route to source some stock to enable me to 'do markets' until I secured a real job………

20 odd years and 4 shops later.......

Inspired Tribe is an extension of the discoveries I have made during my travels with gratitude to the people I have had the good fortune to meet along the way.

The boho silver jewellery, and antique silver jewellery we sell are still personally designed and sourced by me, Sal, during many overseas trips each year to India and other exotic destinations