Citrine Cuff Ring

This stunning, chunky Citrine ring design reminds us of one of those 'magic eye' pictures which were so popular in the 90's... look at it from a distance, and you see a beautiful, bold statement ring showing off a sparkling gemstone.

Look more closely, and you begin to see the incredible, hand-wrought details, more and more each time you glance at it.

From the finely detailed pattern of wirework and rawa spheres creating swirls and hearts on the surface, to the fine faceting of the stone which makes it so dazzling, this is an intricate masterpiece of a ring which you'll never get tired of wearing!

Available in SO many different gemstones, you're bound to find your favourite in this design (see photo for options)...

Sterling Silver / 13.8 grams / 3 x 1.5 cm

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