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Smoky Quartz Meaning and Uses

This month we're excited to share with you our resident crystal expert Narelle's exploration of the Smoky Quartz meaning and how exactly you can use this glorious and truly effective stone to help within your life. smoky quartz meaning

Smoky Quartz is the deepest of the Quartz family, with beautiful golden yellow-browns diving into luscious dark, deep browns, some with a tinge of charcoal which create a wonderful neutral tone. 

It's such a special stone, with the efficiency of grounding you yet lifting you up at the same time.  Highly protective, Smoky Quartz has the ability to protect you through hard and sacred times without being weighed down, but also provides guidance in these times of need and searching - hence it’s great for meditation.

I’ve had wonderful success scrying with Smoky Quartz, as it allows information to flow freely and clearly.  A great tonic for depression, it is also often thought to help with the process of any radiation cancer treatments for its pain-relieving properties.  

Smoky Quartz dissolves any patterns that no longer serves you within your life and  is really one of those master crystals that once you have one in your life, you want more and more!

Not only will Smoky Quartz pull you into a world of contentment, but it’s sheer beauty will capture your heart.  We hope that discovering the Smoky Quartz meaning and uses helps you in your understanding of this gorgeous and powerful crystal, and aids your journey to inner peace. XX

Smoky Quartz Meaning

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