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Tips: How To Shop Silver Jewellery Online

We love to help people shop silver jewellery online (and offline too of course!)

Matching a customer with their perfect sterling silver jewellery, be it a pendant, earrings, necklace or ring gives us so much satisfaction... in a way it's like setting up a blind date, but one you know will go well!

If you're looking to shop silver jewellery online, for yourself or for a gift, we have a few tips to ensure your purchase is perfect every time.

1) Only buy sterling silver jewellery online.

Don't be suckered into buying the cheaper stuff, it will not last and will likely cause ear infections, make the skin nearby green, or worse. Always ensure you buy the best quality by making sure it's sterling silver. If it seems like a price which is too good to be true? It probably is.  Not only will the quality be poor but it's likely the people who made it did so under poor conditions with very low pay rates.  Our jewellery is ethically produced, and worth every penny!

2) Get the fit right.

This doesn't just apply to rings (check out our ring size guide here) but to all jewellery. A very long hanging pendant on a petite person may not look right - an enormous bangle which falls off the hand is unwearable. Take into account the size of the person you're shopping for to make buying silver jewellery online a cinch!

3) Take into account birthstones and crystal meanings.

This can make a gift that much more personal. Knowing for instance that Citrine is the stone of success and abundance means you may choose it as a perfect gift for your friend who is beginning a new business venture.

4) If in doubt, shop for classic sterling silver jewellery online.

Nothing too crazy! Stick to timeless pieces like an Indian bangle or a ring with a simple setting and a neutral tone stone.


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