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Shop Morocco at Inspired Tribe

This month we have Moroccomania at Inspired Tribe.

It's hard to not love Morocco. An ancient fusion of Berber, Arab, Spanish, Portuguese and French cultures, Morocco boasts fascinating medieval cities, wonderfully generous locals and authentic tribal vibes from the dessert oases to the colourful tiny towns.

And don't even get us started on the shopping. The SHOPPING!!!

Berber handicrafts. Tapestry and leather accessories - bags, belts, vests - to die for. Hand-painted ceramics, from tajines to wall hangings to bowls, and incredible handmade silver jewellery.

But, not everyone has the time or the budget to visit Morocco. And even if you go, you might not have the capacity to bring back everything you fall in love with there (hello giant floor cushions)... which sucks, because who doesn't want to inject a little of that exotic flavour into their home, or their look?

At Inspired Tribe, we just went to Morocco for you.

We selected the coolest, the most intricate, unusual and downright beautiful items from craftsmen, nomadic tribes, markets and tiny shops in 100 different locations, and shipped them all back to Australia for you.

This month, Morrocomania is ON at all of our Inspired Tribe stores. Some photos of stock are below, but there is so much more in store. Leather ottomans, Hand of Fatima wall hangings, tapestry clutches and handmade Taureg ebony jewellery.

Come and take a trip to Morocco with us. Departing Bondi Junction, Westfield Miranda and Wollongong Central all month long xx



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