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Hot Travel Tips from India #4

Sal is sadly almost done with her latest buying trip to India, so we're wrapping up this series of travel tips from the subcontinent, until next time...

But not before leaving you with a few more great tips!

When the time has come to fly home and you're about to leave your hotel for the trip to the airport, be super EXTRA thorough about ensuring you have everything you need with you.  Indian traffic, especially in Delhi, can be so extreme that even with the most generous of time buffers, you'll never make it back to your hotel, and then back to the airport before that plane home takes to the skies. 

On Sal's Homeward Bound Packing Check List!
1 Passport/s
2 Laptop
3 Kindle
4 A three month supply of the best moisturiser ever - at only $1.83 a bottle!

And finally.  On your way home and forgot that pressy for 'so and so'?

Delhi Airport has a great little shop with everything from Ayurveda massage oil to singing bowls to silk kurtas!  You will pay double than the street but the quality is good and if you're desperate (and have rupee to get rid of!) it's a great option.

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