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Hot Travel Tips from India #3

One of the great things about India, and something the nation is known for around the world, is the delicious and incredibly varied cuisine.

Owing to once being a collection of culturally and ethnically different states, India features so many different styles of cooking that it's actually a shame that most people simply think "curry" when they hear "Indian food."

We hope to inspire you to try something new when you visit India with this rundown of Sal's favourite foods, which she always eats when she travels.


"Saravana, Connaught Place, New Delhi. 

I always order Rava Masala dosa.  Best food in Delhi!

It's a South Indian restaurant and can have long (locals only) queues. 

South Indian food is much healthier, fresher and less ghee-laden than the northern creations - it's also a bit spicier.

I avoid North Indian food if I can, it's much heavier and can make you feel overly-full and greasy."


Indian Food Tips Travel

"Gulab Jamun.

I can't resist these syrupy sweet little balls every time I visit."



"Don't be afraid to try street food.  India has some incredibly delicious (though not always healthy) street food.  Normally I caution staying away from deep fried food but at least if it's fried in boiling oil in front of you, you know any bacteria has likely been killed!"

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