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Hot Travel Tips From India #2

Part two in our Travel Tips series, from the ipad of Sal, Inspired Tribe founder and chief who is currently on a buying mission in India! Pasmina India Travel Tip

Sal travels almost monthly to India, Tibet, Morocco and further afield, so there's almost nothing she doesn't know about keeping yourself safe, warm, cashed up, well fed and looking good while abroad.

Her second Travel Tip for us is...

ALWAYS take a pashmina, or shawl with you when you travel.

There are so many uses for the humble shawl or pashmina that Sal always travels with at least 3, of varying thicknesses for different purposes.

  • Modesty, especially in more traditional or Islamic areas
  • Adding a bit of interest to an otherwise boring and much-worn outfit
  • Keeping the sun off in blistering hot conditions
  • Keeping you warm in cold climates (especially on freezing cold planes!)
  • As a face mask when traveling in the back of open auto's or tuktuk's - vital for when you're at the traffic lights and the old jalopy bus in front farts it's exhaust fumes straight in your direction! 
  • Pillow cover for suspect hotels
  • Picnic rug or beach towel for impromptu meals or swims

The next in our series of Travel Tips will be coming in a few days so stay tuned lovely Tribe xx

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