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Emerald Meaning and Mythology

With this week's launch of our first range of precious Sapphire and Emerald jewellery, we thought we'd share some of the meaning and mythology surrounding this glorious, deep-green stone, revered by so many since history began.

Our crystal and gemstone expert, Narelle,was only too happy to share her knowledge on this powerful and ancient jewel....

Emeralds date back through the ages and have been a prized possession of many including royalty, alchemists and magicians. Widely prized for their true dazzling colour, clarity, beauty and breathtaking elegance, Emeralds have historically been mostly set with Diamonds and Rubies, and have always been highly sought after.

The Ancient Egyptians used Emeralds for seasonal renewal and to assist with the safe delivery of babies. Alchemists found it was the messenger and conductor of souls of the departed which also drove away evil spirits.

Emeralds are known to relieve anger and jealousy, to bring bliss and loyalty into one's life and is believed by some to be a powerful preventive for epilepsy. This gorgeous gem will connect to your heart, calm the mind and bring joy into your life!

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