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Sterling Silver Tribal Jewellery

Sal has spent over 30 years searching for, falling in love with, buying, selling and most importantly, wearing sterling silver tribal jewellery.

From India, to Nepal, to Burma and Morocco, her travels have taken her all over the world in search of unique tribal pendants, earrings, rings and amulets - both vintage and modern recreations of traditional designs.

One of our favourite styles of silver tribal jewellery is the Paisley collection, and it is bang on trend this season to match with tribal, ethnic-inspired designs.

Paisley Silver Pendant

Paisley design rings and pendants from Inspired Tribe are made in the traditional style Rajasthani style and have an interesting background story.

Paisley is the name of a town in Scotland that was famous for its wool production.  It produced the finest yards and was used for anything from the Queen's skirts to burly Scottish men's kilts! It seems the Scots got the design via the British Raj in India - however the Indians, many centuries ago, probably got the idea of using this shape themselves from the Mughal invaders.

The Persians used it to represent a flower that was prevalent in Persia (remember the Muslims were never allowed to depict the human form in their decorations, so they used nature for inspiration when decorating things).  When the south Indians encountered the design, they decided the shape looked like a mango so in India that is what it came to represent.

Whatever its meaning, its a gorgeous unique design, and a standout tribal jewellery piece for your collection.



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