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Jewellery for the Boho Bride

 By Guest Blogger Carly Van Rooyen, Civil Marriage Celebrant

Ask any newlywed bride and she'll probably agree - it's difficult to plan a wedding which is 100% original, and also true to your own aesthetic as a couple in every single respect. 

As a wedding celebrant, I see couples throughout the entire process from initial planning to the big day, and the celebration which ends up taking place is often pretty different from what their original thoughts were. Mostly because budgets and hours to search for special inclusions aren't limitless, but also because couples realise that getting the few big important things spot on is what really matters, and that compromising on the minor details is actually fine in the long run.

One thing which should never be compromised on though, is the bride's appearance.  From buying the gown of your dreams and having it altered to fit perfectly, to finding accessories which bring out your personal bridal style, it's important to make sure you're happy to-to-toe with every piece of your wedding day ensemble.

A sure way to sparkle on your big day is with stunning, original bridal jewellery. Yes, costume jewellery is cheap, yes wearing granny's pearls might make her happy, but wearing unique jewellery which you love and feel special decked out in is what being a princess for the day is all about!

I recently saw some gorgeous photos from the wedding of an Inspired Tribe frequent shopper and former staffer, who bought her bridal jewellery and bridesmaids jewellery exclusively from their stunning collection. From the unique engagement ring and large silver pendant to the bold, eclectic bridesmaid jewellery, every piece was perfect and contributed to the beautifully bohemian style of the day.

It made me think of all the brides I know who started out with visions of an eclectic and original look for their big day, but struggled to find a way to incorporate their own personal style into their big day. Making a statement with bold, incredible jewellery for the bride and bridal party is one way to make sure that your wedding has a little of that boho, folksy, artistic glamour personified by Kate Moss and other celebrity brides.

A strapless dress looks beautiful off-set with a large, tribal pendant or a pair of chunky gemstone earrings in a colour which ties in with your 'theme'.  Bare feet for a beach wedding need a perfect pedi of course, but also a stirling silver anklet or a stunning tiny toe ring.  And just because you're receiving that new and all-important wedding band on the day, doesnt mean your other fingers can't be adorned in beautiful faceted gemstone rings.

After all, as they say, the devil is in the details!

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