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Inspired Spaces; Styling Your Home with Tribal Art and Handcrafted Furniture

Sal abroad, hunting for inspired treasures

I'm just about come to the end of renovating my place after 10 years.  It’s a lovely old weatherboard cottage, but the first thing I saved up to do was put an extension on the back, facing into the garden with a cathedral ceiling.  I just love the light that streams in all day long and yes, of course the furniture is all Inspired!

I was just delivering a couple of sofa tables to a lady recently and she asked my opinion on how to place them. This got me thinking about how my own personal aesthetic has been shaped by my travels and the many eclectically adorned spaces I've come across.  Seeing the organic, unscripted way some of these visually stunning places have been put together has helped me to develop a sense of confidence when it comes to interior design using colourful and exotic homewares.

For me it is about filling spaces harmoniously and getting the ‘skeleton’ right. I always try and play with heights in a room and even out the high points and the low ones. I use a basic symmetry but then soften it out by not always using matching things to create the shape. Once you have the shape right, or “the bones,” it’s easy to fill in the rest of the picture with colour and texture. Just keep stepping back and looking at the area as a ‘whole’ to ensure you don’t over-style one area.

My personal style is ‘colourful eclectic’, a style which embraces the bright hues and perfect imperfection of the tribal art and handcrafted furniture I track down across the world for Inspired Tribe.  I will never forget seeing the living room of the wonderful artist, Margaret Olleys, after her sad death.  It had this amazing palate of colours that all worked wonderfully together and it was simply bursting at the seams with clutter - yet when you stood back, it had this beautiful symmetry and orderliness about it.

Ultimately, Inspired Tribe is about providing our customers with a little haven of treasures that can be loved forever.  Everything you display in your home should resonate with you personally – whether it reminds you of a wonderful adventure, was the perfect gift from a special friend or something which just jumped off a shelf at you one day and insisted on coming home.  A home is not something to be Instagrammed and Pinterested, it’s a place to enjoy, relax, be with loved ones and display your own treasures.

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