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Tibetan Turquoise

We have a bit of a crush on Turquoise - any kind of Turquoise - at Inspired Tribe.

Mainly because of the beauty - the bright, gorgeous shade, the imperfections which make each piece unique, and the feelings of summer and blue skies it evokes.  

But there's something extra special about Tibetan Turquoise.  Mined exclusively in the Himalayas, it is a spiritual and sacred stone to the Tibetan people, and almost everyone you meet in this region will own and most likely be wearing a piece of Turquoise in one form or another.  It is believed that it stops children from falling, so each child is given a piece at birth.

This particular Turquoise isn't almost clear like the American stone, and the flecks which marble it tend more towards the brown tones than black, but the colouration of the stones tend more towards the green than the blue, which makes them unique and exquisite.

We found a great article here if you'd like to read more on Tibetan Turquoise, or if you'd love to get your hands on some of your very own, click here to shop our stunning collection of Turquoise pieces available in our online jewellery store (mainly Tibetan).

As always in Inspired Tribe world, there are so so many more pieces available in store so don't hesitate to email us on info@inspiredtribe.com.au to ask what each store has in stock and get some photos.


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