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Wollongong Closing Down Sale


Our Wollongong store will closing it's doors forever in August.  We are glad to be able to continue bringing you our beautiful jewellery online via our website.  From this week (Aug 3) we'll have up to 50% off jewellery, gifts and homewares in store only. This sale will run til our closing date.

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Your Winter Gift with Purchase

This winter we'd like to say a big THANKS for sticking with us with a free 'Gift with Purchase' for everyone who shops online at inspiredtribe.com

Choose between the world's best Silver Polishing Cloth and a 5-pack of sweet, sparkly crystal Nose Studs!

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Smoky Quartz Meaning and Uses

Smoky Quartz meaning
This month we're excited to share with you our resident crystal expert Narelle's exploration of the Smoky Quartz meaning and how exactly you can use this glorious and truly effective stone to help within your life.
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Emerald Meaning and Mythology

Precious, deep green Emeralds.  We explore the meaning and mythology surrounding this glorious richly-coloured stone, revered by so many since history began...
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Why is a Tennis Bracelet Called a Tennis Bracelet?

Last week's Fresh on Friday saw us launch our first ever collection of bracelets, including a fresh take on the classic Tennis Bracelet. But have you ever wondered where these bracelets got their name from?
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An Inspired Christmas Gift Guide


Curated by Inspired Tribe founder, head buyer and designer, and all-round style maven Sally Clarke, this Christmas Gift Guide combines Sal's personal favourite pieces - the unusual and epic pieces discovered on buying safaris across the world - with our most popular best-sellers and those we feel represent the best value across our online collection.

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History of Chhath Puja

We're celebrating this years Chhath Puja by bringing you a brand new collection of 'Strange Stones', which exemplify the power and energy of the physical earth as well as the mystical nature of the Chhath Puja. 
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Chakras and Crystals

What is a Chakra, what happens if my Chakra is misaligned and which crystals represent each Chakra?
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Base or Root Chakra - Garnet

Garnet Pendant


"Crystals with the red, brown, or black color rays - such as Garnet or Smoky Quartz - are helpful in restoring balance to the Base Chakra. The benefits of just a few minutes a day with one of these crystals resting between the legs for 5-10 minutes are substantial"

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