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Easter Giveaway!

easter giveaway
Hop into Inspired Tribe any time between Sat 8th April and Sat 15th April, spend over $75 and you'll receive a gorgeous Easter mini-hamper, totally free of charge!
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What is Mohave Turquoise?

Mohave Turquoise Ring
Ever wondered what the difference is between regular Turquoise, and Mojave (or Mohave) Turquoise?  We've got the facts (and the collection) right here...
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Why We Will Always LOVE Boho Jewellery

boho silver jewellery
Boho Jewellery is a term we often hear applied to our collection at Inspired Tribe.
But what differentiates Boho jewellery from any other style of jewellery - for example tribal, ethnic or eclectic - and what makes it so special, anyway?
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Down at Boho Beach... Summer Style Inspiration

Summertime calls for lazy beach days, windswept tresses and sandy bare feet.  Adorn yourself like a mermaid princess with our roundup of precious vintage treasures straight from your boho beach daydreams...
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Top 5 Christmas Gift Ideas Under $100

sterling silver ring amethyst
Stunning jewellery, and the perfect place to keep it round out our list of the BEST Christmas gifts for under $100!
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Top 5 Christmas Gift Ideas Under $50

top christmas gifts under $50
Fifty dollars goes a loooong way at Inspired Tribe this Christmas, with homewares, jewellery and more at incredible prices!
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Top 5 Christmas Gift Ideas: $20 and Under

top christmas gifts under $20

You won't BELIEVE what you can buy for under $20 this Christmas! Shhhhh... it's our little secret.

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Are You Our New Store Manager?

Are You Our New Store Manager?
Retail Manager Job Miranda
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Tips: How To Shop Silver Jewellery Online

Sterling Silver Jewellery Online
Some great tips from the team at Inspired Tribe on how to shop silver jewellery online trouble-free.
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